OHFA Program Calendar

The following deadlines apply to the housing credit application process. Dates are subject to change.

October 2014 1 2015 AHFA and Application Review Worksheets Released
  6 2015 Affordable Housing Funding Training Held in Columbus and Online
December 2014 12 Deadline to Submit Requests for Exceptions
  19 Deadline to Commission Market Studies
January 2015 9 Decisions Issued for Exceptions to Specific Program Requirements
February 2015 6 Deadline to Submit Proposal Applications; Consideration of Public Comments Begins
  13 Proposal Summaries Posted on OHFA Website
  16 Threshold Review and Underwriting Begins
  16 Site Visits Begin
March 2015 16 Notice of Threshold and Underwriting Issues Sent to Applicants
  17 Competitive Scoring Begins
  30 Deadline to Respond to Threshold and Underwriting Issues
April 2015 17 Site Visits Conclude; Consideration of Public Comments Ends
May 2015 13 Results of Competitive Scoring Released and Presented to the Multifamily Committee of OHFA Board
  15 Binding Reservation Agreements Issued