OHFA Program Calendar

The following deadlines apply to the housing credit application process. Dates are subject to change.

August 2015 7 Funding Decisions
  21 Proposal Applications Due (HDGF)
  31 Public Notifications Due (CIP)
September 2015 1 Deadline to Submit Requests for Exceptions to Program Requirements (BGF)
  23 Funding Decisions (HDGF)
October 2015 1 Bond Gap Financing Applications Due (BGF)
(Proposal meetings may be required on a case by case basis for new applicants)
  28 Announcement of Bond Gap Financing Awards (BGF)
November 2015 2 Next Steps Meetings Begin (BGF)
  13 Next Steps Meetings End (BGF)
December 2015 15 Final Applications Due (HDGF)
January 2016 21 Final Application Deadline (BGF)