Community Properties of Ohio

Community Properties of Ohio (CPO) Management Services is the property management company for the Community Properties Initiative in Franklin County. In 2003, the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH), an independent, nonprofit Section 42 equity provider, began a $100 million low-income housing preservation project to rehabilitate 1,300 Section 8 affordable housing, scattered-site units in seven urban neighborhoods, focused primarily around The Ohio State University and near east side areas. In addition, CPO manages several properties in other locations throughout Ohio.

Having successfully completed the rehabilitation of the portfolio, CPO continues to pursue the vision of becoming a model of transformational affordable housing. Key elements of the CPO mission include: (1) provide quality affordable housing; (2) link residents with resources that stabilize their housing; and (3) assist residents to move beyond poverty where possible. CPO is proactively addressing neighborhood safety through the Eliminate the Elements and Safe Neighborhood Initiatives. Through supportive services, CPO helps residents succeed in stabilizing housing and moving forward in their lives.Community Properties of Ohio

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CPO Impact Corporation

CPO Impact Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing and CPO with the mission of developing and implementing resident-focused initiatives to increase the success of CPO residents. Key objectives include: (1) increase housing stability for residents; (2) increase safety in CPO neighborhoods; (3) help residents move beyond poverty where possible; (4) help CPO children be successful; and (5) leverage CPO as a community learning laboratory for systems and community impact that benefits CPO residents. Working with and through many partners, CPO Impact is fostering an increased understanding of the factors contributing to poverty and more effective ways to help low-income individuals move forward in their lives.

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