As Chief Operating Officer, Sue Ziegler manages the day-to-day functioning of the organization, including oversight of the Operations team, the Finance department, Communications, and Information Technology.

Communications produces all publications for OCCH and its affiliates, including annual reports and press releases. They also coordinate OCCH's Annual Luncheon, work with the Ohio Housing Finance Agency to produce one of the largest statewide housing conferences yearly, and work with our partners for groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, and other events.

The IT team handles all of OCCH's technological needs. Additionally, OCCH created an innovative information system known as PIXUS (Primary Information eXchange User System). This system captures, monitors, and reports a wide variety of project-related information to staff, owners, managing agents, and investors.

The Finance department monitors the financial performance of OCCH, the Ohio Equity Funds, and all OCCH affiliates. The department provides financial statements to investors, reviews audits and tax returns, processes capital contributions, and manages reserve accounts and withdrawal requests.

The Operations team provides all the administrative support for the organization.