Ohio Capital Impact Corporation's (OCIC) Scholarship Program Helps
CPO Scholar House Student Succeed in College

January 28, 2015 – Nisha Swain's sophomore year at The Ohio State University was similar to thousands of others. She lived with roommates in an apartment, worked part time, studied, and enjoyed going out on the weekends. Things changed drastically for her when she became pregnant. She went on bed rest because of complications, and after giving birth to her son Jordan, she found it very difficult to locate housing when her roommates expressed concern about having a baby around. She persevered, found resources to help her, secured housing at Community Property of Ohio's Scholar House, and successfully applied for a scholarship through OCCH's scholarship program.

In 2014, the Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC), a subsidiary of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH), launched a pilot Educational Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance for residents. The program includes scholarships for residents pursuing their GED, high-value certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree in the State of Ohio. For the autumn 2014 round, OCIC awarded 37 scholarships totaling $74,600.

Nisha received a performance-based scholarship from OCIC in the amount of $2,000. Nisha is now a senior at The Ohio State University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech and Hearing Science. After graduation, she intends to go to Wright State University for her Post-Bac Certificate in Pre-Medical Studies.

Nisha is grateful that she connected with the right OSU resources and with the Scholar House. Realizing she needed to find another home for herself and her son, she turned to the OSU Access Collaborative Program. The Access Collaborative Program, an academic and social support program to assist low-income single parents who are pursuing a college education at The Ohio State University, recommended the Columbus Scholar House as an opportunity for Nisha and her son. The Columbus Scholar House, managed by Community Properties of Ohio (CPO) Management Services, helps young parents to pursue their dream of college attendance by providing them with affordable housing and a supportive environment. CPO, a subsidiary of OCCH, is a tenant-endorsed, community-based management company that manages over 1,000 units and provides supportive services through its affiliate, CPO Impact.

The Columbus Scholar House provided Nisha and her son with the stable environment and supportive services she needed in order to remain enrolled at The Ohio State University. During a recent interview with Nisha, she discussed her journey and the life-changing experiences she has endured thus far. The scholarship Nisha received from OCIC, in conjunction with the supportive services she receives through Access and the Scholar House, has helped to forge an avenue for her success. As Nisha shared, "Your options are minimized when you have a child. Without a support system it would be hard to get through."

In addition to her established support system, Nisha has the heart and determination to realize her dreams of earning her degree and providing a good life for her son. She is a single mother, a full-time student, and works up to 32 hours a week at a job that she helped obtain through the CPO Works Program. Nisha is on a path to success, and OCIC is proud to have had the opportunity to award her a scholarship through our Educational Scholarship Program.

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