CMHA: Making Connections

Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) utilized Ohio Capital Impact Corporation’s (OCIC’s) Huntington Digital Inclusion initiative by implementing new computer labs at eight of their communities. This project was initiated through a digital literacy assessment by CMHA’s resident services team, with survey results demonstrating an outstanding need for digital connectivity and digital literacy training.

With a Huntington Digital Inclusion grant, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) distributed surveys to its residents to understand their device access, digital knowledge, and quality of life. CMHA’s resident services team responded to resident needs by creating on-site computer labs in 8 CMHA properties. The insight gained from residents’ survey responses has helped to inform the types of digital resources and programming made available.

Once installation is complete in all 8 communities, the computer labs will be accessible to over 1,900 CMHA residents to help address digital connection gaps by providing access to workstations, printers, and scanners, providing digital literacy training classes for students, adults, and seniors, as well as utilizing the labs to connect residents to workforce training, online schooling, and telehealth resources.

Through this grant, CMHA has made great strides toward closing the digital divide for all CMHA residents!