Our Services to Partners

OCCH’s job is to strengthen the ability of our partners to impact the lives of our residents and the quality of life in the neighborhoods we serve. We do this through raising private capital and investing in affordable housing communities, providing lending opportunities to provide a flexible source of capital through predevelopment, acquisition and bridge financing to developers of affordable housing, providing hands-on technical assistance and educational opportunities in property management, and providing funding to support organizations and strategies that enable residents of affordable housing developments to expand opportunities and improve their life outcomes.

At our core, we are here to ensure a return on investment for our investors, developers and communities in every phase of the financial and development process.

“We’ve been a partner with OCCH for about 13 years. We’ve always worked together to overcome the many obstacles involved in developing this type of housing.”

— Garry Watkins, Wabuck Development

“[OCCH values] the folks who live here, and so they make sure that they invest in not only the bricks and mortar, but also in the programs and the enrichment and education. We trust OCCH and we know they’re going to be standing with us side by side.”

— Mary Burke Rivers, Over-the-Rhine Community Housing

Driven by our mission to advance affordable housing and revitalize communities, we have sought ways to assist our partners and address critical needs.