Protect Investment

OCCH’s approach to Asset Management is unparalleled when compared to other syndicators within the Low Income Housing Tax Credit industry. We deliver a bundle of services and expertise that collectively promote the success of the local General Partner and Property Manager. In constructively engaging our Partners to help them achieve their goals, we maximize the return to our Investors while minimizing the long-term investment risks.

At OCCH, we protect our investors’ interests through active monitoring and risk mitigation.

OCCH’s Asset Management team successfully and proactively manages the OCCH portfolio of 900+ projects in various phases of operation to ensure that they remain physically and financially viable while maintaining regulatory compliance. The team is comprised of a dedicated, nationally-certified team with significant experience within the affordable housing industry and with diverse professional credentials.

Asset Management provides training opportunities to partners through the OCCH Colin Dyer Training Academy and through our E-Learning online platform. Partners also receive training through our annual Manager and Maintenance Conference (M2Con), geared toward front-line management and maintenance staff.