Neighborhoods in Bloom: CPO Installs Self-Watering Flower Boxes

September 1, 2018

In the spring of 2013, CPO began installing self-watering flower boxes on select buildings in highly-visible areas throughout the portfolio. These window boxes have an automatic drip irrigation system to ensure an entire season of healthy flowers. Using a battery operated digital timer, they automatically water the live flowers in varied 15-minutes intervals. Micro drip emitters are used to saturate the soil completely and prevent spray or leaks on windows or other outdoor elements. They are also energy efficient by controlling water usage with a pre-set timer. The flower boxes are highly conspicuous and dramatically improve curb appeal, not only for the buildings on which they are installed but they make a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhood. Residents and neighbors have a greater sense of pride in their community and the City of Columbus has recognized CPO for this contribution throughout Columbus urban neighborhoods.