OCCH Announces Ohio Equity Fund XXXI

January 28, 2021

OCCH is pleased to announce its 31st private offering to create and preserve affordable housing, Ohio Equity Fund XXXI (OEF XXXI). OEF XXXI is slated to raise $300M that will be used to build new housing and rehabilitate/preserve existing affordable housing across Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The fund anticipates making investments located in 30 affordable housing properties comprised of housing for families, the elderly, the formally homeless and people with special needs.

This past June, OCCH closed Ohio Equity Fund XXX totaling $302 million of investor equity. OCCH is grateful to the investors who committed the equity to this Fund which will significantly impact over 31 communities in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Of special note, OEF XXX marked over $5 billion of total equity raised by OCCH and the work of 25 investors, without whom, OCCH would not be able to provide capital for the low-income housing tax credit markets. We look forward to continuing these great partnerships in 2021!

If you are interested in learning more about OCCH or investing in OEF XXXI, please contact Catherine Cawthon, Jon Welty or Jennifer Seamons at 614-224-8446.