OCCH formed the Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC) in 2012 as the non-profit, philanthropic arm of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing. OCIC provides funding to support organizations and strategies that enable residents of affordable housing developments to expand opportunities and improve their life outcomes.

Since the fund’s inception, OCIC has raised nearly $25 million, funded through OCCH’s retained earnings and with support from banks including Huntington Bank, Key Bank, Fifth Third Bank and JP Morgan Chase. OCIC has awarded grants to partners for activities and programs that seek to assist residents in removing barriers, enhance educational and economic opportunities, and empower residents working creatively to enhance and revitalize their communities.

Carol Mount Peterson Resident Development Fund

Carol Mount Peterson served on the OCCH Board for 16 years, with 12 years as Board Chair. Her vision and leadership helped define our work, including our commitment to removing barriers and providing opportunities for residents to thrive towards better lives.

The Resident Development Fund provides grants up to $30,000 to partners working creatively to promote health and wellness, youth empowerment and education, adult education and advancement, and aging in place.

Jerry Grier Scholarship Fund

The Jerry Grier Scholarship program supports residents of properties where OCCH has investment in their pursuit of higher-learning. Scholarships in the form of tuition and performance based assistance may be available up to $10,000 annually.

Capital for Partners

Capital for Partners provides a flexible source of funding to help qualified non-profit organizations achieve their missions. Grant amounts and terms allow funds to be used when and where they are most needed.