PIXUS Portals

OCCH’s Primary Information eXchange User System (PIXUS) is a communication platform to increase transparency and improve the quality of communication with our valued partners.

PIXUS Investor Portal


The PIXUS Investor Portal has been designed to provide our investors with the highest quality on-time reporting possible in an accurate and easy to use system. Investors can access quarterly reports and historical copies of reports in a pdf format that can be downloaded and saved. Additionally, year-end financial data, tax returns, and K-1’s are archived in PIXUS for reference.

PIXUS Partner Portal

The OCCH Partner Portal is a communication platform designed for Owners, Managing Agents and Auditors to interface with OCCH staff. From the OCCH Partner Portal, a wide range of activities can be performed:

  • Equity draw requests can be processed
  • Reserve withdrawal requests can be initiated
  • Tenant files can be submitted to OCCH for review
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting requirements can be satisfied
  • Annual operating budgets can be submitted
  • Year-end audits and tax returns can be processed
  • Owners can run reports to study their property performance

Partnership Closing Portal

The OCCH Closing Portal is designed for those partners who are currently closing tax credit transactions with OCCH. This platform allows partners to view progress on a closing while reducing the administrative burdens for all stakeholders involved.