Moving Housing Forward

February 2, 2022

The beginning of a new year should bring excitement with a renewed sense of promise for great accomplishments to come in the world of affordable housing.  Two years into the pandemic, 2022 starts with continued caution concerning the ongoing challenges before us. While many hoped for more resources directed towards affordable housing development and support for many low-income families, OCCH continued to focus efforts on maximizing results for our partners.  

2021 saw continued success for OCCH and our many partners with the closing of a $312M multi-investor fund.  These efforts brought much needed equity to developments located in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee which was pivotal in continuing our efforts to expand affordable housing.  In addition, another $66M was raised from corporate partners through proprietary funds.  In all, the $378M funded 47 developments throughout our footprint.  With many investors entrusting OCCH with capital, our team continues to focus on providing innovative and flexible solutions to partners as we work together for results.  These efforts not only come through equity investments, but also financing provided through Ohio Capital Finance Corporation (OCFC) and Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC).  In 2021, OCFC closed over $80M in loans, impacting neighborhoods through innovative and flexible financing structures to make dream projects a reality!  

To date, our many partnerships have allowed us to raise more than $5.3 Billion in private capital and invest in more than 55,000 units of affordable housing and 935 properties. The OCCH staff understands that the trust placed in us comes with great responsibility.  We continue to raise the bar for ourselves and expect to provide continued partnership with organizations that can positively impact the lives of our residents and communities. OCCH wants to thank you for continued trust and support in furthering the mission of our organization. Together we will advocate for progress in support within the Federal and State agendas.   I have no doubt we will see many successes in 2022 for our communities.