The Push Towards Change

By Catherine Cawthon

October 21, 2021

As we move into the final quarter of 2021, we continue to find ourselves challenged with COVID-19 restrictions while trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy in our lives. OCCH has remained committed to working diligently to meet new challenges and changing needs with action and expertise. While we still face these challenges, we are hopeful for real change in the affordable housing industry. Many of you continue to work tirelessly to see change in D.C., and we could see big results soon! Though the dialogue continues to go back and forth, we must continue to push for real change! Pushing for housing legislation that can produce a significant increase in the allocation of housing credits that would enhance the program with an estimated 1.4 million additional affordable housing units shouldn’t be the dream; it should be the reality. This increase will not only produce more credits and more housing units, but a significant number of jobs! We should never forget; housing is the foundation for many positive outcomes, including employment and financial stability and educational opportunities that allow our residents to not only survive, but thrive! We can all help by showing our support through the efforts of our peers. Sign on to letters that go to our officials and educate ourselves on the potential changes, both positive and negative, so we can spread the message. We all fill an important role in the process whether we are in the community or voting in D.C.!

While we focus on additional resources supporting our affordable housing efforts, we can’t forget the importance of preserving our existing affordable housing units. Throughout the country, the loss of affordable units continues at a rapid pace. If we are going to make progress filling the affordable housing needs, we must stop the loss. At OCCH, we understand that now, more than ever, it’s important to know our partners, and really understand each other’s needs, priorities, and align with those that have the same long-term expectations. Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing has been a true partner to many through the years and our commitment stays the same as we look forward to the future. We will work together for the creation and preservation of affordable housing and value each other’s strengths while we position housing to remain affordable for the future. Especially after we exit a partnership! We have proven our intention by standing by our commitments, helping when times are challenging and celebrating together when successes are realized.

It’s easy to get frustrated with challenges thrown in our path, but let’s maintain our ‘fire’ and demand the change that so many need and deserve.

Be safe and be well,