OHFA, Ohio CDC, and the City of Columbus Bring Housing Development Finance Trainings to Ohio

March 26, 2018

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency, Ohio CDC Association and the City of Columbus will be bringing NDC’s four-course Housing Development Finance series (HD 410, 420, 422 and 430) to Columbus, OH. NDC’s Housing Development Finance Professional (HDFP) certification program is a demanding, four-course training series that focuses on the financing of affordable housing projects in real communities. The training is designed to assist staff members of non-profit organizations and governmental entities involved in creating and preserving affordable housing. The curriculum explores the development process, financial analysis techniques, and structuring and negotiating skills needed to successfully develop and finance affordable single and multi-family housing. Individuals who successfully complete the four courses and pass the examinations in each class are awarded certification as an HDFP.

The sponsors have agreed to discount tuition for Ohio residents.

HD 410 Home Ownership Finance  4/2 - 4/5
HD 420      Rental Housing Finance 6/17 - 6/21 (HD 410 is NOT a pre-requisite if you wanted to take this as a standalone class)
HD 422    Computer Spreadsheets   8/13 - 8/15 (Pre-requisites are HD 410 and HD 420)
HD 430 Problem Solving and Deal Structuring 10/28 - 11/1 (Pre-requisites are HD 410, HD 420 and 422)

For additional information, please visit the National Development Council’s online registration.