Grant Applications

Are you an OCCH partner ready to apply for an Ohio Capital Impact Corporation fund grant? This is your opportunity to receive funding for programs and initiatives that help improve the quality of life for households and families residing in affordable housing communities where OCCH has an investment.

Ohio Capital Impact Corporation Grants

Empowering Residents

In 2021, now more than ever, OCCH recognizes that we need to devote resources to improve our residents’ lives. We know that for some of our residents, these are exceptionally difficult times, with job loss, illness, isolation, lack of transportation and childcare, and limited access to basic needs. Years of systematic racism and disinvestment in low-income communities have hindered our residents. The global pandemic has upended the world as we know it, and the ensuing financial crisis has made financially vulnerable populations even more vulnerable.

Recognizing these extraordinary times, OCCH has broadened our philanthropic giving and many of our Impact Investors have increased their commitments as well.

For 2021, OCCH has four grant programs available:

Huntington Digital Inclusion Fund – In 2020, Huntington Bank CDC committed $2.5 million over the next five years to provide flexible grant dollars to support technology infrastructure and training to further economic mobility through digital access. The stay-at-home orders highlighted disparities in educational advancement for youth and engagement opportunities for seniors, and these grants up to $30,000 can improve access to connectivity for our residents.

Carol Mount Peterson Resident Development Fund – OCCH will competitively evaluate grants from our partners designed to serve the residents of our properties who look to the current environment and design innovative programs to improve resident lives in four areas: education and empowerment for youth; health and engagement for seniors, employment advancement for adults; and stability for our most vulnerable residents.

Summer Camp – OCCH will offer funding to partners seeking grants for Summer Camp programs. OCIC offers grants of up to $30,000 to partners engaging the youth of OCCH properties in summer camp and enrichment opportunities.

Resident Impact Emergency Fund – With $1 million from OCCH and close to $800,000 from our Impact Investor partners, OCCH is making special grants for our partners who provide emergency assistance to residents, especially through short-term emergency rental assistance. These grants are not competitive or open to the public.

Grantee Resources

The following resources are intended to help recipients of Ohio Capital Impact Corporation grants easily and effectively communicate grant activities.

Project Application & Guidelines

Carol Mount Peterson Resident Development Fund Documents:


Proposals must fund programs for resident of projects in which OCCH has invested. Owners of the properties are invited to apply for programs to improve the lives of residents.


Applications for the Huntington Digital Inclusion Fund will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applications that are evaluated and determined to be excellent matches will be funded immediately, and the remaining applications will be competitively evaluated in October for announcements in November.

All applications for the Resident Development Fund must be received by August 3, 2020, and a committee will competitively evaluate proposals to determine grant recipients. 

Resident Development Fund deadline: August 3, 2020

Resident Development announcements: August 14, 2020

Applications for Summer Camp will be accepted on a rolling basis at OCCH will make a funding decision shortly after receipt of the application. Priority will be given to programs and projects that align with OCIC objectives and that have a plan to demonstrate visible and measurable impact. Applications will either receive notice that they will be funded and can proceed, or applicants may be put on a waiting list to receive funding if dollars are still available.

Summer Camp Applications will be made available Monday, February 8, 2021. Applications will be accepted February 26, 2021–June 4, 2021.

Deadlines, outcomes to be measured, and reporting requirements will be established with each grant recipient.

The deadline to submit Final Reports and Final Invoices to close out summer camp grant will be Friday, October 1, 2021.

Budget Information


Can I update the grant budget after it has received an award?
Yes, the grant budget can be updated after the grantee receives an award as long as the grant maintains the intent of the original award. In order to receive approval of an update to the budget, a Request for Change to Approved Grant and Budget Change Request Template must be submitted for consideration.

How do I revise my budget? Do I submit my revised budget to a specific contact? 
In order to update a grant budget, partners will need to submit the Request for Change to Approved Grant and Budget Change Request Template to OCIC (please refer to your grant guidelines for contact information). OCIC will consider the request and communicate their final decision with the partner within a two week period.

All budget revisions need to be submitted to OCIC. If you would like to discuss changes prior to submitting the request form, please contact the following:

  • Joe Pimmmel – (614) 224-8446 Ext. 126
  • Simone Malone – (614) 224-8446 Ext. 149
  • Ashley Castricone – (614) 224-8446 Ext. 147

When am I required to submit a Budget Change Request Form?
A Request for Change to Approved Grant and Budget Change Request Template must be submitted whenever there are changes to the budget including anything in excess of $250, a service provided and a service provider.

Do I ever need to use the information provided in my final approved budget?
Yes. The final approved budget will be used to populate the invoice submitted for reimbursement. The line items listed on the invoice documentation must match the final approved budget.

Invoicing & Financial Reporting


Are funds only available on a reimbursement basis? 
The funds are only available on a reimbursement basis unless a waiver is granted by OCIC.

When and where do I submit invoicing for reimbursement? 
Invoicing can be submitted anytime during the grant period as long as the invoice is for at least $500 or more. The Invoice for Reimbursement template provided by OCIC should be submitted along with supporting documentation. The documentation can be submitted either via email at the contact information listed in your grant guidelines or to Ohio Capital Impact Corporation, 88 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

When am I required to submit a Budget Change Request Form
A Request for Change to Approved Grant and Budget Change Request Template must be submitted whenever there are changes to the budget including anything in excess of $250, a service provided and a service provider.

How do I properly fill out my invoice?
Please see the Invoice for Reimbursement template for instructions.

What supporting documentation is required? 
Grantees must submit the back-up documentation substantiating any requests for reimbursement. Please highlight and annotate any receipts, invoices, etc. which are not straight forward and easily interpreted.

How long will it take to be reimbursed?
Please allow between 2 and 3 weeks for the reimbursement check to arrive.

Can I repurpose any remaining funds after grant activities and outcomes are achieved? 
We generally do not support the repurposing of any remaining funds.

Grant Changes


Can I make changes to the approved grant?
Any changes to approved grants must be approved by OCIC. Please submit a Request for Change to Approved Grant form with all appropriate information provided.

What if my grant timeline changes? 
A Request for Change to Approved Grant and Timeline Change Request Template will need to be submitted for any grant timeline changes. This helps with grant management and partner communication.

Project Communication & Press Releases


When should I submit my project progress report? 
A progress report should be submitted approximately halfway through the grant period and at the end of the grant period.

Do I need to submit any supplemental documentation with my progress report? 
We appreciate receiving any photographs, testaments, published articles, etc. related to the grant.

What does it mean to be an “Impact Investor”? 
An Impact Investor is an investor with Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing who has opted to contribute a portion of their earnings to specific grants awarded through the Ohio Capital Impact Corporation. You will be notified if your project has been selected to be funded by an Impact Investor.

When would I need to contact an Impact Investor associated with my project? 
The Ohio Capital Impact Corporation will let you know if a specific Impact Investor has decided to fund your grant. If your grant is funded by an Impact Investor, we would request any communication of this award to others reference the impact investor and their commitment to the communities they serve. You would also want to communicate them with any upcoming events, photo opportunities, publications, etc.

OCIC will provide the contact information for the Impact Investor if applicable to your project. We ask that ALL grant administration questions or concerns be directed to OCIC and not to the Impact Investor.

Who should I contact to inform of scheduled events or of a press release related to the grant? 
To inform of any scheduled events or press releases, please contact the following:


  • Joe Pimmmel – (614) 224-8446 Ext. 126
  • Simone Malone – (614) 224-8446 Ext. 149
  • Ashley Castricone – (614) 224-8446 Ext. 147