Welcome to the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing

Our mission is to cause the construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable housing in Ohio.

The Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH) is an independent, mission-driven nonprofit corporation based in Columbus, Ohio, that works with private and public developers to create affordable housing opportunities. Since its inception, OCCH has raised over $3.25 billion in private capital and invested in over 35,000 units of affordable housing in over 700 developments. More…

Message from the President

Hal Keller, President

A Nation of Laws

The events occurring the week ending June 26th were a stark reminder that America is a nation of laws and that laws impact us in so many ways including how we get (or do not get) health insurance, and who we can marry.  It is a reminder that laws change, and we have the obligation and ability to influence what becomes law. And it is a reminder that laws have their limits as the Supreme Court once again showed us. And it is also a reminder that nobody is above the law. More…


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Featured Project

Anna Louise Inn

Anna Louise Inn celebrated its grand opening, and more importantly, 85 residents have new, safe housing housing to call home. Rhonda Claiborne, a resident of the current Anna Louise Inn built in 1909, is one of the many residents excited to make the move. . . More…